C.A.P;Chunji;L.Joe;Niel;Ricky;Changjo em português.
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 [INT] 110222 Teen Top "C.A.P who is manly and reassuring, a worry because guys like them more",

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Data de inscrição : 10/02/2011

MensagemAssunto: [INT] 110222 Teen Top "C.A.P who is manly and reassuring, a worry because guys like them more",   Ter Fev 22, 2011 10:59 pm

Citação :
The oldest hyung is 20, and the youngest has just gone into high school and is still in his teens. Teen Top(Niel, Changjo, L-Joe, Chunji, Ricky, C.A.P) who caught many people’s attention with their amazing dance turned out to actually be very playful and full of laughter- just normal teens.
Teen Top who spread their name as the group that Shinhwa’s Andy created also caught attention by receiving songs by the popular artist Shin Hyuk well known for being the pop star Justin Bieber’s producer. Shin Hyuk rejected all requests from all the other agencies and chose the amateur group Teen Top. What is the charm that caught Shin Hyuk’s attention?

We heard about Teen Top’s charms that attract fans in a recent interview with TV Daily.

“Changjo is the noisiest member. He’s also the atmosphere maker and I think he looks better on screen. (If you see him on screen) He’s chic, sexy and sometimes cute but (in real life) he’s very different from when he’s in a program. Should I say 4 dimension. In the dorm, a world of Changjo opens up. He also wrestles with the pillow.” (Laugh) Changjo was as unique as his shocking hairstyle.

“Ricky is the nicest to fans. Killing smile? (Ricky). And also Ricky is like a cute baby who cheers up with just a biscuit. C.A.P has a lot of male fans. I think the cold image is his charm even when a male looks at him. And I think he’ll be reassuring because of his manly image.” As the members talked about his charms, C.A.P smiled shyly like he was embarrassed. C.A.P who has a low and thick voice has a manly profound charm whenever he talks unlike his young age.

“Niel’s speaking styles are different and weird. Chunji seems like a typical hottie but he’s really a playful guy. L-Joe is a brat differently from on stage.” Teen Top had a lot of charm just like the number of their members.

Still students. The Teen Top members are the age they have to play with friends and study instead of do work. Won’t they want some personal time? “When I go to Japan I want to go to Disney Land. But since he says there’s no time, I want to borrow something like a camping car and go play with the members.” At this speech, their eyes twinkled. Teen Top’s dreams were simple. We could see the teenage look of Teen Top who wants to go to amusement parks.

Teen Top still get speeches wrong in front of cameras being nervous but fascinate fans with their shining looks. They became focused on from overseas by getting to Japan after just 6 months of their debut, getting introduced in a French program and many more. Like their speech “We have infinite potential despite their young age”, won’t this be the year of Teen Top who have armed themselves with six colors and charms?

Source : TV Daily
Credit : limesoda101@6TEENSONTOP.COM

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[INT] 110222 Teen Top "C.A.P who is manly and reassuring, a worry because guys like them more",
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